Still No Progress

Honestly, I feel as if I should have just written this week off from the start. I mean, it’s Thursday night and I’ve only just caught up on my vlogs, or will be at some point tomorrow. And, while I’ve unpacked my suitcase, I haven’t unpacked any of my make-up or toiletry bags that were in it. Even worse, my notebooks are still packed away in my backpack. How am I supposed to write with them in there!?

Another factor in my lack of productivity has been the holiday that started this week. Unless I am nose to the grindstone in my writing, I try not to write when other people are around, because being social is important, too. However, this will likely change when I get into full-blown, writing the story. Right now, I’m still in the planning phases, so it’s a little bit easier to step away. From past experience, though, I know that once I’m really into writing, it’s hard to pull me away. I often neglect food and hygiene, sustaining myself on whatever is easy to grab and consume or sometimes nothing at all. I can’t wait to get into that phase again because then it will mean that all this planning was worth something.

I’m generally pretty remiss when it comes to planning. I prefer to just write and hope for the best. Granted, I definitely ended up with continuity issues and the lot, but I always said I could just go back and fix them. I never did. And that was the problem. So planning.

If I recall correctly, I only have 10-15 more people and places to type up/create. Then I can get back into the plot. I’m still trying to decide if it’s a trilogy or just two books. When I first conceived of the idea, it was one book. But then something like seven years passed and the story became much more complex. From that point on, I always kind of saw it as three books. Now, however, I’m wondering if there’s enough, specifically for the final book. If I’m being realistic, the plot point that drives the third book is the weakest. I think it’s partially because I don’t know the character that comes to prominence in the third book that well. While he’s existed for at least a year, he only got a name recently and my knowledge of his life barely goes beyond that. You see, I’m a firm believer in creating, or discovering your characters and letting them lead you. Is it weird that I’ve sat in a car with one of my main characters, discussing his life as he drove to work? This was all in my head, granted, but it gave me a better understanding of him. Memorably, during one fast paced writing session, I started yelling at my character for doing the one thing I didn’t want her to do, as I was typing out her actions and choices. As a writer, you can only do so much before you just have to sit back and see what unfolds from what you started. I guess I’m waiting for my characters to tell me how long the story is.