Keep On Keeping On

Today was one of those days where I thought nothing was going to get accomplished. I woke up relatively early, but managed to spend the morning and early afternoon eating and laying in bed. I mean, it was a good way to spend the day, but it definitely wasn’t productive at all. I rallied in the latter half of the afternoon, though and managed to get through all four of my writing projects by around 5pm, which is only an hour later than I usually try to get my stuff done. After that, I reverted to sloth mode for another three hours before finally feeding myself and then going out to do a quick bit of grocery shopping.

In good news, I’m on a roll with this story lately. This evening, I even managed to get through one of the projects that I have planned for tomorrow. And it feels so good. I’m pulling together story lines and connecting the characters in new ways. I was really afraid that I was going to have a hard time getting into this story, and that I was going to sit around for six months with nothing to show, but even though I’ve had some weeks off and some time where I just wasn’t able to write, I’m happy with the progress. And yes, sometimes it feels overwhelming, unending, and anxiety inducing, but days like this makes it all worth it. It makes it feel like there is an end in sight and that I can do this, and that one day I’ll get to walk into a bookstore, and instead of just finding the place where my book would go, I’ll actually get to see where my book is. Yes. That’s the dream I’m chasing.


Such Little Progress

You know when you’re doing something and it just feels like you are bashing your head against a brick wall? That’s how it’s been with me and this one place that I am trying to create. I’m definitely getting there with it. I have put lots of words on paper, though I’m not sure that they’re the best, but what can you do? What’s important is that I’m getting things down. Slowly, like pulling out teeth, I am dragging this story place out of my brain. But it’s hard. It’s so hard. A lot of the time when I create places or characters, I can close my eyes and see them. I can walk through the halls and breath in the life of the place, or I can sit down with the character and get to know them better. For some reason, this hasn’t been the case with this place that I’m creating. I think the problem is that, when I first conceived of this story, this particular place was much different. It’s location was different, it’s part in the story was different, and while what it did is still the same, it fits into the story in a different way now. It’s evolved within the story, but it hasn’t evolved in my head. Lame. I think that’s why I’m struggling so much. I’ve been developing the story so much that this building just kind of fell by the wayside. I wish it was something unimportant so that I could just do some minimal stuff and brush it aside, but unfortunately, it’s a location that is going to be quite prevalent in the first book. SO I CAN’T EVEN DO A BIT NOW AND THEN COME BACK TO IT. BOOOOOO!!!

Oh well. It is what it is. I’ve made a lot of progress today, but it’s still not quite where I want it to be. Slowly, I’m starting to see it when I close my eyes, though. Slowly. I can almost walk those halls and look out the windows at the surrounding environment. And this is why I keep bashing away at the keyboard every day on this and just hope that it works out.

In other news, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, but with a good night of sleep last night, I am feeling on the up and up. I think once I get whatever this is out of my system it’ll make things better, too. Also, I’ve accepted that I’m a night owl now. I’m just going to go with it. Off I go to sleep now. No. I’m lying. Off I go to write some more and then fall asleep at like 3am, as usual.


Well, today was a day that I wasn’t quite as productive as yesterday. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and this afternoon it hit my hard. My body was aching and I started to get all snuffly. Terrible. I hydrated like crazy and ate some crackers. I was feeling better, but now, as the hours have passed, I’m starting to go downhill again. And I’m exhausted, which means that when I do get to sleep tonight, I am planning on sleeping in as late as possible.

Progress today was questionable. I managed to get almost everything I wanted to get done today, but not quite. I did a stupid thing where I didn’t look at my agenda and thought that I remembered what I wrote down. So I ended up doing something that I was supposed to do tomorrow instead of what I was supposed to do today. Oops! So I did the correct number of things, but not the correct things. Oh well. I had to move a few things around as well. There were some things that I worked on that I wasn’t quite happy with, but I kept what I wrote and then I added some of the things that I want to revise on to other days. My progress wasn’t as great as yesterday, but I’m still happy with what I got done.

My brain is having a few issues stringing words together, so I think this is it for me tonight.

A Solid Day!

I started yesterday’s blog with a comment about how planning will lead to success, and let me just say that it’s true. I couldn’t get to sleep last night, because it seems that the more creative I get, the more my insomnia, and other mental health issues start to manifest. Which is always fun. But I feel like it’s the price I have to pay for that creativity. So long as I manage it, I think it’ll be okay. It’s important to stand on the edge to unlock the full potential. But that’s not what I came here to talk about.

I planned out my week, I slept in until around 11am, and before 4pm, I was done everything. And it wasn’t like I only had two things to accomplish, let me just give you a list of the things I did:

  • wrote up the description for the West Coast University
  • wrote up the description for a character named Cara
  • reviewed the description for a character named Luken and made changes
  • reviewed the timeline and acts for book 1
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • did a face mask
  • did laundry
  • baked some twist bread
  • uploaded my vlog
  • cleaned my room

Yep, I would say that I did amazing. And I’m so happy about it! In fact, I even did some stuff that was slated for tomorrow. I think I might actually get back into the grind tonight and start working on stuff from tomorrow’s list. Why not? I’m just always so amazed at what I can accomplish when I plan. My brother made fun of me for spending an hour yesterday getting everything written down, but it was definitely worth it and I will ┬ábe spending an hour every Sunday getting my agenda filled up for the following week.

I know this may seem boring, but if I follow this train of action for the rest of the week, next week should be set up to be a solid week of review. Which means that, by the end of August, it’s likely I’ll be writing. It’s so exciting. I’m not even freaking out about it right now.

Today was a good day!


They say that the key to success is planning. If that’s the case, I’m about to have a very successful week. After a solid week of nothing written in my agenda, this coming week is totally booked up. I’ve even colour-coded everything to make it easier to follow along. Plus, I added some stickers and washi tape so I’ll be excited to open it up, or something like that.

What does my week look like?

Well, I’m still typing stuff up, but I’m coming to an end on that. According to my planning, it looks like I have about eight more people or places to write up. For the most part, they’re things that I actually need to create. I have a few notes written down for these things, but it’s probably going to take me a while to get through them because it’s not just straight copying from my notebook to my computer. What I tried to do, though, was pair up two items per day, one that needs very little work, and one that I need to spend a lot of time with. In one case, there’s something that I just really don’t want to work on, mostly because I don’t know very much about the character I have to write about, so I paired it with one of my characters that I’m more excited to write about. It’s these little things that keep me going.

I’ve also put in a lot of review for this week. Well I put down reviewing the book plot every day, because I feel like I’m missing stuff out for it. Then I have a few other things I want to look at before I read through everything. If it all works out, at the end of the week, I think I’ll be in great shape. If I’m happy with the way the plot for the first book is going, I’ll move on to the second book next week and I should be able to figure out if I’m still going for a trilogy or not. By the end of the month, I could very well be on to writing. And that’s exciting and also nerve-wracking because it’s been so long since I’ve just sat down and gone to town on the keyboard. I feel good, though. And I feel prepared, and I think that’s what’s helping me be calm.

My Brain Is Weird

I think I’m going crazy.

All day I’ve been in this weird sort of mood where I varied between overly hyper and passing out. Granted, I think I’m coming down with a cold, so that could be partially to blame. I’m going to go with that until further notice.

I think I’ve napped twice today. Naps are great. I need to get into the daily nap thing.

Wow, my scattered brain it not working well for that whole thinking thing. I’ve been flailing my arms around for the last five minutes because I think it’s funny.

It is funny.

This is not working. I’m going to go to sleep now. No writing progress today, but I’m still hopeful for getting everything sorted tomorrow so I can set myself up to have a productive week.

Wow, my brain is going a mile a minute. I can feel it thinking. Is this what it’s like to be on drugs?

I Need To Stop

I think there are a lot of things I need to stop. The first of those is my incredible ability to procrastinate by doing anything but working. My ability to waste away the hours is really quite incredible. I’d be impressed if it wasn’t so detrimental to my successes. Hey, let’s be honest, I still find it impressive. Though probably not in a positive way. But at least I know the solution to this problem, and it’s so easy that only my amazing procrastination stops me from setting up the steps for the solution. Honestly, it’s one step. Write it down in my agenda. I literally only have to do one thing to get everything else done. I’ve got mad skills in not doing it, though. I’ve set a mental deadline for Sunday evening to get my agenda at least sorted out for the week. Because I’ve been away from writing for a while, I’ll definitely have to sit down with my notebooks and figure out where I’m at. It shouldn’t take me too long. I’ve actually been slowly starting to write out a little piece of the story here and there, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve been doing so much planning for so long that I was getting a little concerned that I wasn’t going to feel comfortable writing, but fortunately that’s not the case.

I definitely rambled on for a little while there, but that was not the thing that I came here to talk about wanting to stop. That think would be staying up until the wee hours of the evening. The problem with this is that it’s actually what I prefer to do, as I’ve mentioned so many times before. I think that as I move into more writing, I’ll just have to be more nocturnal, because it’s when I feel the most comfortable. I think it would be fine, though, because I could have several hours of uninterrupted writing between, say 10pm and 6am, and just sleep from then until 1pm. I think I like this idea. But, until then, I should try to be more active during the day and less active at night. Which brings us to the fact that it’s past 1:30 in the morning. Sleep time now.