I Have Returned!

It has been so strange not blogging every day (or almost every day), but alas, the last week has been stupid busy. And also those nails. Yikes! But I mostly chopped and filed them off last night, so at least there’s that going for me. So I’m back, and hopefully back to some sense of normalcy (or as much as I can ever have), and will again be posting consistently.

In all fairness, when I was in Vancouver, my first two nights were spent on a boat and the wifi was terrible. Probably couldn’t have posted even if I had bothered to write something. My excuse for the next three days are wedding events. It’s amazing how much time those things take up! And then Sunday-Tuesday was nails. Granted, nails could be the reason for not posting at all. I mean, it was almost impossible to type. Even using my phone was a struggle.

Okay, but enough about all that. I am back, my nails are significantly shorter, and I am ready to get back into things. I’ve spent the majority of the week since I got back trying to organize my life, which I think is kind of working out, but I really want to get back into actual writing here soon. I shared my story with a few friends while I was in Vancouver and it’s lit a fire under me. I need to get the story written. Really and truly. The weird dreams I’ve been having haven’t been helping either. By the time I wake up, I can never really grasp them, but they leave me with this sense of oddity. I wish I could remember them, but oh well.

What I really wish is that I had more nightmares. Weird, I know, but nothing external really scares me. The only time I tend to get freaked out is when I let my overactive imagination go to town, because it’s really good at that. Movies and stuff don’t tend to get me. However, the few nightmares I’ve had have been downright terrifying. Is it weird that I want that? I guess it’s the same as people watching scary movies or going into haunted houses, I just don’t get that feeling from those things. Interestingly, the first time that I ever read in a dream was in a nightmare. I remember it distinctly. A dead body fell in my path and there was a note pinned to its chest that read “Now that your screams have awoken your housemates, be prepared to die.” Well, fortunately, even in dreams, jump scares don’t get me, so I didn’t scream and had a little more time to figure out what to do before everything evil in the house started coming for me.

I also love adventure dreams. Dreams where I get to save the world, or get shot trying. I guess I just love dreams that have meaning or emotion. I think that’s what those recent dreams have been, which is why I’m remembering that they were strange. Well, I’m remembering the feeling of strange in the very least.

I remember having one dream where I was a secret agent, and a man, and I was tracking my nemesis, or equivalent, in an airport. He had a briefcase on him that had access to something like 27 million dollars. I think it had a laptop in it. But it was geo-encrypted, so it had to be unlocked somewhere in Italy. I think my plan was to switch out the briefcase and then get it back to my superiors or something. Well, things didn’t go as planned. I managed to get the briefcase, but a flight attendant had spotted me. She confronted me a little ways away from the guy, down some random corridor, and before I could explain anything to her, these mafia guys came along. Turned out they wanted the briefcase, too, and I had just made their job a little easier. Somehow they had managed to get their guns into the airport, so away this flight attendant and I went with them to a private hanger and on to a private plane bound for Italy. I guess they thought that one of us might know how to log in to the laptop, and I was not going to tell them otherwise. We never made it all the way to Italy. I woke somewhere over the Atlantic. But this is a prime example of why I love to write. I can finish this story any day. And while it would be great to just go to sleep one day and press continue on the dream, it’s not necessary.

I feel like I’ve been rambling forever now, and I’m not sure if anything made sense. It’s not even midnight, and I’m usually up well past the witching hour, but I think I’m going to turn in early for the night and maybe wake up early and have a stellar and productive day.


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