Agenda, Who Would’ve Thought?

Over the course of last week as I tried and failed to get into my routine, I was starting to think that maybe that wasn’t the right course of action for me. I kept trying to get up early in the morning and that was a fail. Last night I sat down and wrote stuff in my agenda. I have a nice agenda and even nicer intentions of using it on a regular basis because I know it works. I think the main reason I got through school, especially university, was because I kept everything written in my agenda and if I didn’t get something done, I would move it to another day. I never learned how to study and I wouldn’t say I was a particularly good student, but I was organized and that helped me hand everything in on time.

Who would have thought that I could use an agenda in real life and be just as successful? Thankfully, me, because I started using it today and have learned a few things. Like, if I write it down in the agenda, I will do it, and also, I need to write more things down per day because I finished all my tasks for today and did some for proceeding days this week. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I slept in super late and I probably had one of the more productive days that I’ve had since I “retired”. I think my best course of action going forward will be to utilize this awesome tool to get stuff done. Even though I’m not following my routine very well, I still feel like I have climbed over the hump of non-productivity. I think I am heading in the right direction.


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