Moderate Success

I was going to call this blog “Not Quite A Fail”, but decided to take the more positive side. All things considered, I think I had a fail productive and positive day today. Did I follow my schedule exactly? No. I definitely slept in for about three extra hours than I planned on doing. Oh well. Did I get stuff done? Definitely did. My daily writing/planning goal is four hours. That’s the minimum I want to get done. Did I hit that minimum today? I most certainly did not! But I was close. And for the first day of my new routine, I think it was a solid effort. More important than the time I spent writing was what I wrote, and I manage to accomplish quite a bit in terms of planning. I wrote a list of the things I have written, and a list of new things that I need to create. I still have to add to the list, but it’s a solid start.

I had two really good break throughs today, too. One was on a character. I created the character to fill this role a very long time ago, but as the story developed and evolved, he didn’t quite work anymore. Today I managed to come up with a character that is much more multi-faceted and actually makes parts of the story work better together. I still have to finish his backstory and figure out what his motivation is, though I think I’ve got the latter down to just needing a few tweaks. So I’m very excited about that and feel motivated to keep going. Next is probably even better. Last night I had a bit of an epiphany about an event in the story (probably part of the reason I couldn’t fall asleep and ended up sleeping in). Today I managed to flush it out a bit more and even tie it in to the end of the first book. The story I’m working on is a trilogy, I think, and this event comes right at the end of the first novel, unless I decide to just do two books, then I’ll have to re-space everything out. But for now, it is where it is.

Timelines! Ugh! That’s the thing that probably kills me the most. It’s not so much the timeline for any given story, it’s just working it into the over arching timeline of Elyria proper, which is where all my stories take place. Past me was actually a pretty thorough person and wrote a decently comprehensive timeline for Elyria, I just need to read through it, and probably make a giant, poster-sized version so I can follow along. I did find the notebook with the timeline in it, at least, so that’s a step in the right direction.

I even ate lunch on the beach, which is pretty neat. While I was doing so, I actually had a pretty good revelation, which I think is only going to help motivate me. I was sitting there, watching the boats sail by as the the breeze caressed me, and the water lapping on the shore soothed me, when I thought “I wish I could always do this”. And that’s when I realized that I can. There doesn’t have to be an end to eating, and working, on the beach and enjoying the world around me. If I keep on this track, there’s nothing stopping me from enjoying everything my current location has to offer and then moving on to another location to do the same. I just need to keep motivated, which I feel will be easier now, and keep my foot to the floor.


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