After a crazy dream early this morning, I remembered that a lot of my old blog posts were recapping what happened while I was sleeping. I’ve been told that I have very detailed dreams when I share them with friends, but for me, it’s just how they’ve always been. Granted, I’ve “leveled up” in my dreams to the point that I can read, use a phone, run at regular speed, and speak French. Kind of weird things, yes, but very important when you need to know what a threatening note says, or call 911 in the event of a dream emergency. Not going to lie, learning to dial a phone in my dream was probably one of the most frustrating things ever. I knew the number I wanted to dial, but would always be off by just one digit – usually the last one. My brother thinks it’s weird that I had to learn how to use a phone in my dream, but I thought it was just one of those normal things. Who really knows?

In any case, I had a very interesting dream last night. In part, I’m going to blame Dungeons and Dragons, because in the current campaign I’m playing, myself and two other players are cursed with Lycanthropy. As tonight is another D&D night, it’s only natural that my brain would be thinking of those things and then pull them into my dream realm. The details are murky at the moment, but I’m going to do my best to remember. There was a large group of us and we were travelling through the woods, though it wasn’t a deep wooded area or anything. It was the small treeline in a nearby park, but it was actually useful in the dream to have access to streets and cars later, so it worked out. I think we were hunting a werewolf that was causing all sorts of issues and we had to go deal with it to make it safe again. However, while we were moving through the woods, each one of us ended up with a different curse, though I can’t recall what mine was. I do recall that one of the girls with me ended up with Lycanthropy, which I, at least, saw as a benefit because now we had someone who could go toe-to-toe with the werewolf we were hunting. I don’t think she felt the same as she required a lot of calming down and assurance. I don’t know what we were assuring her of, though. That she would eventually not be a werewolf? Because I don’t think any of us were able to promise that.

Anyway, we kept going through the woods, tracing this werewolf, when suddenly both he, and our friend started to change into their werewolf forms. I’m not sure why it happened, because it definitely wasn’t at night and I don’t think it was a full moon, so something weird was going on. Now, however, it became seriously dangerous for the rest of us who weren’t covered in fur. We had to make a break for it. But while we were running for a truck to hide in, the werewolves started headed towards civilization. Things were getting serious. People were evacuating and there were alerts on the radio. We came up with a plan that made sense at the time, but looking back would never work. One of our group had found an old canon abandoned in the forest. We got it out to our pick up truck, and managed to get it in the back, where it conveniently fit under the canopy. It was actually a lot smaller than you’d think. It was like a compact canon. The idea was to drive this truck around until we found the first werewolf and shoot him with it. Now, if we were trying to kill him, this clearly wouldn’t have worked because the canon balls weren’t silver, so I’m not sure what we were trying to achieve, and I never found out. Just after we got on the road amidst all the chaos that was people evacuating, and in hot pursuit of our target, I woke up. I guess I’ll never find out what happened to the werewolves, or the city they were about to descend on.


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