Once upon a time I used to blog every single day. It became part of my daily routine, and I would make sure that I would get a blog posted before I went to bed at night. Often times I would even “live blog” during the day, constantly updating as I did various different things. They often wouldn’t be exciting blogs. I would talk about doing nothing that day, or going to work and what I ate. I honestly don’t know how I kept up daily blogging for over a year with how boring my life seems. Somehow, though, I persisted, even though I seem to recall that some blogs literally read “I went to work and ate food and now I am going to sleep.” I feel like there were some gems in there, though, and so if nothing else, quantity is key. I’d like to say that this blog is going to be a little different; that I am going to blog daily and it will all be quality stuff. But in reality there will be days when all I do is talk about what I ate for lunch (it was pancakes), and what I did this morning (nothing). Today is one of those days and I think that’s why I’m taking this instance to talk about how lame some of my days and, subsequently, my blogs will be.

I have faith that things will get better once I get into a schedule, because then I will at least have set things that I do per day. I’ll be able to, hopefully, talk about progress I’m making on my writing, and how exciting is it that I’m working on something. I have a few other exciting things that I’m angling to start working on too, so I have faith that things will get become more entertaining to read about.

Now, I’m not saying that I had the least exciting day in the world today, because I didn’t. My grandparents were in town and we went out for dinner together, and that was very nice, plus I did some life organizing and house cleaning. So it was a productive day, but it wasn’t something to write home about, or to write on the blog about. Yet still, I’m doing it. I am hoping that when I get back into blogging more frequently, I’ll come up with better things to write about. I recall that in the past I would sometimes write stories, or over embellish my day to make my blog more exciting, so I think I’ll have to get on that. Or maybe I could just start living a more exciting life. That is also an option. I’ll work on it. For now, though, I think I’ll sign off here and go do nothing of note for the rest of the evening.


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