The Best Laid Plans…

Okay, I’m not going to lie. The plans were not well laid at all. I set an alarm for 7:30 this morning, and I think that’s about a far as I got. There were vague ideas of what to do today, including making a daily schedule, but that was about it. You might be able to guess by now that I didn’t get up when my alarm went off. I turned it off, though I barely have a recollection of doing so, and woke up sometime around 11:00am. Oops. At that point, I was pretty sure my day was going no where fast, and so I embraced it. I didn’t even claw my way out of bed until well after noon. I mean, if the ship is going down, I might as well have a good time along the way.

When I finally decided to start moving, I jumped into the shower and managed to lose a contact somewhere between rinse and lather. Nothing light being a cyclops while trying to shave. But hey, I like living life on the edge.

I guess today was a bit of a house keeping day for me. I did some chores, ate some food, and just puttered around. I must have needed it, because it doesn’t feel like a lost day to me. I feel like I was productive, though not necessarily in the direction I was hoping to go. My new plan is to have my daily tasks figured out and planned out by the end of Friday, with the intentions of starting my new schedule on Monday. I’ve written down all the things I think I want to include in a day, though I’m sure I’ll find more as I go along, and that’s a good start. I also know that I want to try to be done most of my work by 4pm every day, so that’s something that I can plan around. I’m not against working later in the evening, like maybe a few hours from 8-10pm, but I want to get most of my work done while everyone I know is at work. I also plan on including a siesta whenever I need one. With those things sorted, I think I’m well on my way to getting back on the right track. I still need to find a creative place to actually write, though, and I feel like that might be the hardest part of all. If it’s somewhere I have to travel to, I’ll also have to account for travel time and potentially hours of operation. I do miss the city and the 24 hour coffee shops, that’s for sure. But I’ll make it work, I’m sure.

I don’t have much planned for the rest of the day (not that I really had anything planned at all), so I’ll just slowly pluck away at making a schedule, and further sorting things out, I guess. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up early, but realistically, I doubt it.


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